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Miniature Museum in Bastia

Miniature Museum in Bastia: a little corner of charm set up in Bastia, the Miniature Museum is a wonderful jewel of Corsica which deserves a special attention due to the efforts as well as the meticulous work that the site is showing. It is a bit difficult to detect this place, but so as to simplify your search, you just have to reach the citadel powder keg and from there you will see a picturesque little house from the outside, but greatly incredible from the inside!

Basically, the Miniature Museum exhibits miniature masterpieces which are made only by an enthusiast like no one else does today. It is Mr. René Mattei, a talented craftsman who founded the site with his own means, but who also "sculpted" his beautiful country in miniature ranging from the communal furnace to the chapel on the hill. However, you will discover many other stalls that it has fashioned with creativity and imagination.

The visiting hours are daily on Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm and the Admission costs are reasonable, very convenient so that you can take all family members, including the children who will return delighted the stars in the eyes! The work of René Mattei surpasses all Bastille dreams and deserves to be recognized throughout the world.

The Miniature Museum is a real work of life which is concocted with passion and devotion. It shares several achievements only manufactured manually with several tons of materials. There are various animated santons which are also exhibited in this idyllic place that must absolutely not be missed. Moreover, it is not for nothing that the best guides strongly recommend a visit of the Museum retracing with brilliance the small village of Bastia.