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Corsica, this fragment of paradise bordered by the Mediterranean Sea never ceases to dazzle its visitors. Located 177 kilometers south-east of the French Riviera, 85 kilometers from Tuscany and 12 kilometers from Sardinia, the fourth island of the Mediterranean is wooded and mountainous, not to mention its beaches that embellish the coastline. Its location makes, therefore, Corsica an ideal place to spend a dream vacation. Pick up your next Corsica holiday.

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Consult our holiday proposals in Corsica. My home in Corsica has selected a wide range of properties available for a successful holiday in Corsica: holiday homes, apartments and villas both in south and north Corsica.

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\"Island of beauty\" according to some, island of all splendors according to others, in Corsica it is good to live because the climate is often warm and it is constantly beautiful. But if it is also adulated, it is largely thanks to its verdant nature and its various natural parks. Indeed, the island shelters natural and maritime reserves that unveil all the splendor of the nature. If only the Scandola, the marine area that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is mentioned.In Corsica, all tastes are in nature. This is seen through its 1000 kilometers of coastline which allow to enjoy the sea and its beaches of fine sand. Calvi, Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, Bonifacio or others, you do not need to travel the world to find paradise. A stay in Corsica without going through its beaches is, therefore, simply inconceivable. Also, to take full advantage of these places, plan in advance a holiday rental on the coast or in the typical villages perched in mountains that offer a breathtaking view of the whole island.Besides enjoying a sumptuous landscape, generous nature and beaches as far as the eye can see, the holidays also include comfort, serenity and a magnificent residence in an unrivaled setting. For that, the rental services in Corsica offer you houses, cottages, chalets, apartments and studios to suit your tastes and budgets. Whether you come with family, friends or lovers, you will find your account. Choose among our various holiday in Corsica!

Discover Corsica and organise your next holiday in the most beautiful French island! Corsica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. This is also probably the most beautiful one! Many holidaymakers who have organised once their holiday in \"the island of Beauty\" keep coming back every year since they take their first holiday rental in Corsica. And most of the time, they come back in the same village! Corsica stretches from north to south and offers varied landscapes. Some organise their holiday in Corsica with the objective of exploring the mountains using the famous GR 20 that connects the north to the south of the island. They enjoy breathtaking landscapes while allowing a quick stop by the town of Corte, the capital of Corsica. Others spend their holidays in Corsica on the beaches. The Corsica ones have a particular wild beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it is the northern beaches of Saint Florent, of Ile Rousse, Calvi, or the creeks and bays of Porto, Ajaccio, Propriano and Bonifacio, the beauty is everywhere! If Corsica is an excellent spot for yachting, it is not for nothing. The big advantage to organise holidays in Corsica is due to the various activities. The beaches of Cap Corse or close to Bonifacio are a paradise for sport lovers. Here the strongest winds of the Mediterranean sea blow. Finally, the Corsican mountains will delight lovers of water sports (rafting, cannoying) as walkers or skiers. Did you know that Monte Cinto (2,700 meters) and the surrounding mountains host several ski resorts: Val d'Ese, Ghisoni and Vergio. It seems also that a large ski resort, near Corte is planned to be built. As you understand, you are far from having explore all the rental opportunities in Corsica, knowing how various the holiday can be. One of the great strengths of Corsica is also its proximity to some other islands of the Mediterranean. You can of course take a plane to reach your holiday house in Corsica. But if you decide to get there by car,you can take a ferry from Marseille, Toulon and Nice or from Italy. Once in Corsica, you will reach another beautiful island of the Mediterranean, Sardinia. We hope that these few lines have given you the wish to organise your next holiday in Corsica and rent their a house or an apartment. Organise your next Corsica trip.