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What to do in Corsica

Have you decided to travel to Corsica for the next vacation, but you do not know where to start the tour of the island. Here is a little practical guide to help you plan your exploration sessions and to make the most of your stay so that it would be full of millions of happiness and pure moments in a country where dreams of adventure are all realized!

The Cap Corse is the first place that must be absolutely visiedt during a getaway in Corsica. Because it shelters the most magnificent historical remains of the island of beauty, to discover the city of Bastia for example will take you to another distant universe to learn and to know the experiences of the ancient peoples. The cultural heritages of Bastia are indeed meticulously preserved and are rich in military and religious monuments.

The region of Balagne in Haute Corse has a most interesting and romantic city. This is the city of Calvi, also called the "beautiful jewel of Balagne". The city has this name because of its heavenly decorations worthy of the most beautiful postcards. It is also the place where several talents emerge ranging from excellent singers to seasoned painters. Each year, several human events take place in Calvi, highlighting concerts combining local and international stars. For those who want to bathe and appreciate the softness of the sun, the edges of Calvi promise you beautiful beaches with white sand and enchanting waters of azure color.

Finally, finish your visit in Southern Corsica more precisely in the city of Ajaccio, the prosperous place of the great monarchs of the ancient time of which the best known is Napoleon Bonaparte. This small seaside town is indeed a beautiful place where mixes the culture and all the pleasures vacationers. When you are in places, do not miss an opportunity to visit the Bonaparte Museum which displays all the memories and objects that mark the life of Napoleon 1st of the name.