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Diving in Corsica

Diving in Corsica: Corsica is famous for its natural beauty. Its numerous dream beaches, the spots and places which are still wild in the mountains, the maquis and some other open areas ... Everything is particularly suitable for those who are in love with  nature.

Once you will be on the spot, you will have the possibility to practice hiking, canyoning and all kinds of walks to discover an exceptional fauna and flora. Of course, the sea side is just as extraordinary. By choosing the right municipality, you will have in fact the right to the kayaks, the jet ski, the windsurfing, but especially to the diving.

Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities of the island of beauty thanks to the sensations that it brings. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, it is full of sites without equal in the world. For example, you can dive into the Scandola Nature Reserve, which has been declared World Heritage for the great variety of species.

If you are going to the south of Corsica, take a short detour to the Gulf of Sagone. The dive site is beautiful. You will discover amazing reliefs, with very varied curves, hiding many species of algae and fish. One of the peculiarities of this place is that you will have a clear water which makes it possible for you to have a good view of the surroundings, even up to 40 meters deep.

Further north, you will be able to discover the nature reserve of Revellata. Located in the territory of Calvi, it is full of diving sites, of which the Library and the Sec of the Belgians are among the most famous. You can also ask in which dive spot you should go to see the wreck of the B-17 bomber from the Second World War.

Of course, many diving clubs are available to make you discover the places best hidden by the faults and canyons.