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How to get to Corsica?

Corsica, the small French country which is beautifully located on the Mediterranean Sea, is positioned about 180 km from France and 86 km from Italy. Thanks to its most favorable geographical location, it is the perfect image of the benefits of nature, which has taken care of everything in order to make of Corsica, the best tourist destination in the world.

There are 2 reliable ways to travel in the direction of  Corsica: you can choose a plane or a boat trip, however, everything depends on the services which are suggested by each of its offers. The flights are indeed a little more expensive than the crossings, but the advantage that the plane presents is that the circuit is done more quickly.

Travelling by plane

It is important to know that Corsica shelters 4 major airports located in Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi and Figari. These platforms are served by several airlines or even internationally, most of which are dedicated to non-stop direct flights. However, for those with a relatively small budget, there are lowcost flights, which are cheaper than the economic ones, that will give you the opportunity to travel in Corsica at affordable prices. However, you should think of booking 2 to 3 months in advance, as the tickets can be sold faster!

Here you can find the list of airlines that serve the Corsican poles: Air Corsica, Air France, Easy Jet, XI Airways and Volotea.

Travel time: 1h35mn from Paris

Travelling by boat

It is an alternative dedicated to the people who wish to take their time during a trip. In total, there are 3 shipping companies that cross the Mediterranean daily to the island of beauty. In order to find tickets at unbeatable cost, it is necessary to consult some comparisons of price and book in time to get better seats.

Here is a small list of the shipping companies that join the Corsican coast: Corsica Linea, La Corsica Ferries and La Méridionale.

Duration of the journey: between 3h45 mn and 7h30 mn, everything will depend on the port where you will come alongside!