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Also known as the island of beauty, Corsica perfectly reflects the image of a dream destination. If the southern part has several assets to attract tourists en masse, Haute Corse contains, for its part, places and localities of unequaled splendor. Find your home rental in North Corsica for a holiday!

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Discover our holiday villas in north Corsica. My home in proposes you also some holiday villas in south Corsica and some holiday villas in Corsica on the entire island and luxury villas as well.

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To better visit this region, the northern part, a house rental in the Northern Corsica is indispensable. Starting from Cap Corse to the numerous mountain villages, you will find all the possible rentals, adapted to your budget. In San-Martino-di-Lota for example, you will be able to reside in an authentic village house. Many of the rentals are renovated in the old style. You will be able to admire the architectural style and the arrangement of yesteryear, with a stone sink, wooden beams, etc. In addition, this locality of Bastia gives you access in a few minutes to this famous port, the historic heart of the city. Going to the end of the Dragon Pier, you will have a panoramic view. The traditional style of a house in Cambia will also charm you. This small village is particularly suitable for a hike. Thanks to this holiday rental in the north of Corsica, it will be easy to reach the regional park of Corsica. From here, you can reach the nature reserve of Scandola or the village of Turtles of Moltifao, in a few tens of minutes. By choosing a house rental on the borders of Balagne or Cap Corse, the doors of the Agriates desert open to you. This part of Northern Corsica is particularly famous for its beaches. Even if the access is somewhat tortuous for each of them, the displacement is worth the candle. The beach of the Lotto is accessible from the track of the Casta, that of Ghignu is only 14 km of track from Bocca di Vezu ... Calvi and its Citadel, the Valley of Restonica, the wine route to Patrimonio, etc. No doubt about it, the the northern Corsica is a real little paradise.