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South Corsica, this land that conceals natural treasures unique in the world! Who would not dream of setting foot there if only for a weekend? Its geographical location is more than favorable because it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the southeast. It is home to several idyllic beaches to relax, to take a little color under the sun or to play games with friends, family or lovers. Find your accommodation in south Corsica.

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Consult our accommodation offers in South Corsica. My home in has selected a wide range of properties: villas, apartments and luxurious holiday homes with swimming pool overlooking the sea. If you intend to visit the all Corsica, we invite you to consult our accommodation offers in the north of Corsica for a great holiday.

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The ideal would be to go in the summer to enjoy its warm and dry climate. Especially since Southern Corsica animates the municipality with its renowned festivals during this period. If we only quote the Porto-Vecchio Festival, a festival of music that brings together the most famous artists and local musicians. For those who like rain and cool weather, the temperature of the island also has contrasts. In winter it is mild and rainy.But before starting your adventure in South Corsica, book a holiday rental. The town is large, so you can choose between a beachfront accommodation in a natural and wooded setting, situated in a quiet and elevated position to enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast or to change a few steps rivers to be lulled by the sound of water and birds. There, all tastes are in the wild!In terms of dwelling, condominium apartment, luxury apartment, modern and equipped villa, studio, bungalow, duplex and others await you with a rate that fits very well to your budget. Opting for a rental in South Corsica therefore guarantees a dream holiday in all comfort, security and friendliness.During your stay, do not go home until you have visited the natural reserves both marine and terrestrial of South Corsica which base the reputation of the municipality. Their fauna and flora and their relief are breathtaking. Alongside this, various museums open their doors for a cultural journey and a few fascinating history lessons. Find now your accommodation in south Corsica for your next holiday!