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How to get around Corsica?

Corsica is still one of the most appreciated tourist destinations in the world. With its beautiful and enchanting scenery, this island in all its splendor never ceases to enchant more than one heart and it is among the most visited sites internationally. The latter is discovered in all seasons and as far as the means of travel that are available on the island are concerned, here are several practical ways to be easily taken to Corsica.

The vehicles

Cars are excellent ways to ensure easy traffic in the cities of Corsica. The reason is mainly because some parts of the island are not accessible by public transport. Moreover, this mode of travel offers several advantages including a great freedom of use as you please and in addition it provides you with more comfort. Car rentals are available in Corsica, so make your plans and set off on an adventure by easily going to an fro in the most beautiful sites of the island in a vehicle.

The train

Trains serve mostly the mountains as well as the Vizzavona pass which lies between the cities of Ajaccio and Corte. These means of transport also extend along the coasts of the Rousse Island and Calvi. However, it is necessary to know that the network has only 2 lines and does not pass to the north of the island. The only trains that the trains or TGV take are only the villages of Ajaccio, Bastia, ile Rousse, Corte and Calvi.

The bus

There are plenty of buses to go from the famous trams to the modern and comfortable coaches. During summer periods it is possible to reach all the localities by bus even if some sites seem inaccessible. Nevertheless, these means of transport are scarce off-season, so it is more prudent to consider car, motorbike or bicycle rental to travel on the island.