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The Southern Corsica promises a return to the absolutely necessary to the backpackers who are keen for thrills and new experiences. You will be satisfied there, and even obsessed to such an extent that you want to come back every time you plan a trip. We encourage you, the Southern Corsica is an excellent and prominent destination for your made to measure holidays in the heart of a tourist paradise. Find your villa rental with swimming pool for a holiday in South Corsica!

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Consult our houses and villas for rent in South Corsica with a swimming pool or a jacuzzi. If you intend to visit the north part of the island, we invite you to consult our offers there! You can also check our holiday villas with swimming pool for rent in Corsica

Rent a villa with swimming pool in South Corsica

The Southern Corsica is obviously in the list of the most beautiful places in the world that you can visit to your heart’s content. It is made up of 124 municipalities each one  as spectacular as the other one. As a tip to facilitate your accommodation in the city, you can opt for a villa or a holiday house rental with pool so that you can stay in luxury and in peace and quiet.During a trip in Southern Corsica, it is a pity to miss Bonifacio, the timeless city of the island of beauty. This magnificent city will welcome you in a luxuriant setting while advancing the delightful beaches worthy of the most beautiful postcards. You can also go through Porto-Vecchio to discover a small village filled with history and other sites which are out  of the ordinary.A villa rental or a holiday house rental with pool in Southern Corsica at the Calanques de Piana would be an excellent choice so as to benefit from the delicious moments between family on the beautiful aquatic sites where parents can indulge in the sweetness of the sun while the children play peacefully on the golden sand and at the end of the beaches. The city of Ajaccio is made for those who wish to be quivered at the pace of a lively and animated city day and night.Southern Corsica has so many things to make you discover so do not hesitate to travel to this famous French paradisiacal department while opting for a villa rental or a holiday house rental with pool to provide you with the dream vacation that you deserve !