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Holiday in Corsica

Holiday in Corsica! Everyone knows it ... Corsica is a magnificent destination to be given a priority for holidays thanks to its enchanting contrasted landscapes with great quality. If you are planning a trip, you need to plan where you will be staying on the island. The holiday rental remains a perfect alternative to stay in peace and quiet in Corsica.

It is a solution that promises new experiences so that it makes a change from hotels and inns. These are just as exceptional in terms of their level, but the rental is intended for those who wish to obtain a private and personal accommodation in order to be able to live serenely as they wish and in complete privacy.

There are several kinds of holiday rentals in Corsica adapted to any budget even the most restricted. For example, the apartment rental offers a fully furnished room with everything you will need during your stay (kitchen, living room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.). The prices of the apartments vary around 30 and 150 euros on average / night.

For those who travel in groups or in large communities, a holiday house rental or a villa rental is the right solution for large families. Indeed, in addition to taking advantage of a large space which is able to contain several people, some of them will have more chance to get a large garden and a garage for more convenience. If you have the means, you can also rent a villa with pool with sea view. But the prices will be a bit more expensive.

And finally, there is the hut rental, ideal and intended for one person. Because accommodation is of a small size, this solution is reserved for solitary travelers wanting to stay in a comfortable and well-equipped small house. However, there are cabanons for couples who want discretion and privacy during their journey.