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Find your holiday villa in Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani for a summer in Corsica

Located in the northeastern part of Corsica, Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani is a glittering seaside resort that never stops surprising the visitors with its actively busy harbor as well as its haunting landscapes which are out of the ordinary. It is a small quiet and paradisiac corner that has never been the subject of indiscreet remarks  as far as the its tourist offers are concerned. Choose a holiday villa in Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani !

Our holiday villas in Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani

Discover our holiday villas in Ile Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani. My home in Corsica also proposes villa rentals on San Giuliano There are also many other villas and houses to rent in Corsica and in North Corsica. Check our offerts and make your choice!

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Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani is a small French village which is located in the department of Haute-Corse somewhere to the east of the island of beauty. With ​​only a surface area of 6.22 km2, Santa Lucia di Moriani is undoubtedly one of the smallest cities in Corsica but has kept its past from its tourist sites, all of which have a captivating history to tell you.Get away in a prominent destination with the thousand and one splendor  by opting for a holiday house rental, a perfect alternative to enjoy your holidays in a comfortable home with all the essentials you'll need during your journey. You can plan to leave in the summer to savor the softness of the sun at the edge of a sandy beach with good seabed.Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani is an exceptional break with a luxuriant setting of timeless beauty where you can recharge your batteries in perfect harmony with nature. To share delicious moments between families in the heart of a huge preserved garden, encourage your children to walk with you on the forest trails where you can enjoy a good breath of fresh air.It is preferable to choose the holiday house rental in Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani as a lodging style to guarantee you a holiday of fullness in a small corner of paradise. In the center of the city there is one of the most important monuments of Corsica that is the Osteria E Stella, majestically perched on a mountain. The site recounts the whole history of the city with vigour, do not hesitate to visit it so as to provide you with some good holiday memories.Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani is an extremely varied and diverse place to crash. Even the idea of seeing it, the surrounding landscape of the city is captivating... To go all over the village is even better! Benefit from real holidays under a generous sun in this small Corsican city and opt for the holiday house rental, an affordable and beneficial solution to make the most of your stay in complete privacy.