Holiday villa in Bastia

Located in the northeastern part of Corsica, Bastia is a glittering seaside resort that never stops surprising the visitors with its actively busy harbor as well as its haunting landscapes which are out of the ordinary. It is a small quiet and paradisiac corner that has never been the subject of indiscreet remarks  as far as the its tourist offers are concerned. Choose a holiday villa in Bastia!

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Our holiday villas and houses in Bastia

Discover our holiday villas in Bastia. My home in proposes you also some nice holiday villas in the north of Corsica.

Rent a holiday villa in Bastia for a trip to Corsica

For those who do not know, Bastia is the main commercial city of Corsica. It has evolved this potential with the exponential development of its tourism. The proof ? Each year, the city receives more than a thousand visitors wishing to discover or rediscover this beautiful village that never loses interest. The best solution to stay in privacy in Bastia is to opt for a holiday house rental advancing several advantages. Indeed, you will get an entire residence at your disposal that can accommodate a large family, groups of committee and the bride on honeymoon. The Palace of the Governors and the History Museum are true cultural paradises not to be missed during a trip to Bastia. These historic places are a remarkable trail of all the city's remarkable stories and the immensity of the love that the inhabitants have for  their native land. Discover also the hiking trails near the city center, ideal for relaxing in nature, and which are intended for all ages. A holiday house rental near the coast is especially necessary for those who love the sea and who wish to fall asleep to the sound of the waves. This situation will also allow you to have easy access to the beach to indulge in various aquatic activities. That of Moriani will make you spend pure moments of joy by basking on the shores with fine  and white sand with a most attractive turquoise water.