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Bastia, the city is offering a beautiful image that makes you want to escape and which encourages you to take a vacation. The city is talked about with its magnificent sights of international renown. Bastia has always been one of the prominent destinations to guarantee you a made-to measure stay. Choose an accommodation in Bastia for your summer holiday in Corsica.

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Holiday Rentals in Bastia

Here are our accommodation offers in Bastia. My home in Corsica proposes apartments for rent in Bastia and also villa rentals in Bastia apartments for rent in Bastia and more generally speaking holiday rentals all around north Corsica.

Rent an accommodation in Bastia for a summer in Corsica

Give yourself the holiday of your dreams by opting for a vacation rental in Bastia. Indeed, the village puts forward several means of accommodation accessible to any budget. Whether you are traveling for a short journey, hotels, campsites and bed and breakfasts will allow you to quietly plan a one-night stopover. Bastia is a resplendent seaside resort where bubbling all kinds of entertaining activities. Discover every year several interesting events that highlight international artists alongside local talent. A vacation rental right in the city center would be the most suitable solution for enjoying the charm as well as the beautiful plates of the restaurants, where the cuisine remains fine and inventive.The city of Bastia will give you the impression of a life-size postcard with magnificent tracks ideal for hiking and outdoors. The hiring in the mountains is conducive to the extent that you want to stay in villas that integrate harmoniously with the nature. To go on a journey in one of the jewels of Corsica is to acquire refined experiences that one is not used to live! Bastia will offer you a spectacular setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards. Let yourself be enchanted by the good scents of the maquis that revive the senses ... A true return to the essentials! For those who dream of a romantic journey and wish to fall asleep by the melodies of the waves, a vacation rental close to the beach will make you discover extraordinary sensations in the middle of a paradise corner! So what are you waiting for to pack your bags and fly to Bastia? Do not hesitate to opt for a vacation rental in order to stay in serenity in the city.