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Find your holiday villa in San Giuliano for a summer in Corsica

Located in the northeastern part of Corsica, San Giuliano is a glittering seaside resort that never stops surprising the visitors with its actively busy harbor as well as its haunting landscapes which are out of the ordinary. It is a small quiet and paradisiac corner that has never been the subject of indiscreet remarks  as far as the its tourist offers are concerned. Choose a holiday villa in San Giuliano !

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Discover our holiday villas in Ile San Giuliano. My home in Corsica also proposes villa rentals and apartments for rent in Bastia both next to the beach and in the old town. There are also many other villas and houses to rent in Corsica and in North Corsica. Check our offerts and make your choice!

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Rent a holiday villa in San Giuliano for a trip to Corsica

San Giuliano is a small village of 23.93 km2 belonging to the microregion of Campoloro. It is lucky to be located in the Eastern Plain of Corsica that is why the beautiful landscape adorned with a bright and natural green. The city has always had the look turning towards a calm sea which is whispering beautiful melodies sung by its waves of a gradation of emerald blue.Traveling in this high quality seaside resort means experiencing moments of little happiness by millions in the heart of a landscape of great beauty. It is also an excellent destination to entertain your toddlers in the middle of a lush and peaceful nature by making them enjoy the pleasures of hiking or outdoor sports.Do you have any idea about how you will stay in the city? Let us suggest you a holiday house rental in San Giuliano, another way of accommodation which is breaking  the habit of hotels and hostels. Indeed, you will have a whole house already furnished with or without garden, available to welcome your family in any season.San Giuliano is the city where the eyes will want to explore everything ... you will have the impression of wanting to stay there so as to contemplate the magnificent horizon that offers the citadel. Of course you can choose a holiday house rental between the Old Port and the high places to admire the charm of the old stones and the colorful alleyways of the village while strolling on the lively quay of the port to watch the large boats in motion.For cultural visits, the parish church of Saint-Julien and the chapel of Sant'Antonne are symbolic places that must absolutely be considered in San Giuliano. Discover, in these places, an extraordinary architecture as well as sculptures that stand out from the crowd.And of course, it will be easier to access the beautiful beaches with golden sand by giving priority to the holiday house rental near the aquatic paradises of San Giuliano. Explore a beach which has a blue, quiet and clean sea, the favourable place to welcome the games of your toddlers and where you can immerse yourself in the pleasures of swimming and diving.