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Find your holiday villa in Calenzanafor the summer!

Calenzana, the small town of the extreme northwest of Corsica, has been blessed by nature with its environment of considerable beauty worthy of the most beautiful postcards. It occupies a most privileged situation in Corsica and benefits from favorable climatic conditions, resulting in an impeccably green and warm environment that melts the hearts of visitors. Find your holiday villa in Calenzana for the summer!

Our holiday villas in Calenzana

Discover our holiday villas in Calenzana. My home in Corsica also proposes villa rentals and apartments for rent in Calvi both next to the beach and in the old town. There are also many other villas and houses to rent in Corsica. Check our offerts and make your choice!

Rent a holiday villa in Calenzana for the summer

The town of Calenzana is linked by an organization into a network that allows visitors to benefit from both the joys of swimming and the mountains. To travel in this wonderful part of Corsica is to enjoy both a sunny landscape like in the tropics and a snowy track almost like Alaska. Everything is there ! The warm and cold, the freshness and the softness ..."A most unusual village, but a very good place to live," say most tourists passing through Calenzana. It is obviously rare to find a city with, in addition, a mountain in snow, even during the summer periods. What is surprising is that the warm climate from below does not get contaminated by the cool weather from above. On the highlands, the sun is constantly on the horizon, while on the mountain it looks like you are climbing Mount Everest without the wet wind and heavy layers of snow rising to the knees.Therefore,  it is interesting to take a short hike on this famous Monte Grosso to discover another aspect of Calenzana: the one that displays a decoration formed of granite rocks lined with a white cover that is to say the snow. During your stay in the mystical city of Corsica, why not opting ​​for a holiday house rental in Calenzana in order to get personal accommodation where you will find all the equipment you will need at competitive rates.Enjoying a favorable climate during the summer, the bathing and diving moments are done with great happiness at the edges of the pebble beaches in Calenzana. You can also stroll in the citadel to taste the succulent "Canistrelli" cheese, a quality product of the terroir famous for its immensely rich flavor and its unctuous consistency. A holiday house rental near the most famous tourist sites of the city will make you enjoy an easy travel. Do not hesitate to go to the Sanctuary of Saint Restitude which will unveil the whole history of the Calenzana.