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Find your holiday villa in Calvi for the summer!

Calvi, the small town of the extreme northwest of Corsica, has been blessed by nature with its environment of considerable beauty worthy of the most beautiful postcards. It occupies a most privileged situation in Corsica and benefits from favorable climatic conditions, resulting in an impeccably green and warm environment that melts the hearts of visitors. Find your holiday villa in Calvi for the summer!

Our holiday villas in Calvi

Discover our holiday villas in Calvi. My home in Corsica also proposes villa rentals and apartments for rent in Calvi both next to the beach and in the old town. There are also many other villas and houses to rent in Corsica. Check our offerts and make your choice!

Rent a holiday villa in Calvi for the summer

The city of Calvi is served by several airlines and even internationally. There are many flights to the city, especially during the summer months. To get a holiday in the greatest joy, a holiday house rental will be advantageous to you by granting you a private place that will make you feel comfortable and make you feel at home. Is not that the ideal? A comfortable home for all your family, for an affordable price? Prepare your bags and live your moments in the most intimacy by opting for the holiday house rental in Calvi.The seaside resort with an area of ​​31.2 km2 places great importance on tourism. Every year, more than one visitor is fascinated by the vibrant atmosphere of the city. Several cultural routes are organized so that the curious can discover the city in all its splendor.Calvi also has the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, ideal for practicing various water activities such as snorkeling, high-riding, snorkeling, etc. Cruises are among others dedicated to couples wishing to get romantic moments for two in the heart of a sea of ​​a beautiful gradation of blue. The castle of Prince Pierre Bonaparte will take you back in time to the history of the municipality, and while you are there, explore the surroundings by hiking on exceptional tracks covered with maquis.