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Setting off on an adventure means exploring new horizons that you are not used to frequent. Tasting new experiences in Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani is one of the most beautiful sensations you could feel on Earth! Let's discover together this magnificent colored city while opting for a holiday rental. Choose your accommodation in Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani !

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Consult our accommodation offers in Santa-Lucia-di-Moriani. My home in Corsica proposes you also some accommodation in Bonifacio and more generally speaking in north Corsica.

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Going on a vacation to Santa Lucia di Moriani means to venture into a city filled with charms and surprises. Lots of surprises because one can not believe that such a miniature city has so many beautiful things to discover!With only 6.22 km2 of surface area, Santa Lucia di Moriani is one of the smallest municipalities of Corsica. City of color and fragrance, it will unveil you sumptuous mountains covered with maquis offering a panoramic view on the citadel.By opting for a stay in Santa Lucia di Moriani, how about undertaking a holiday rental to simplify your accommodation. Indeed, you will be suggested all sorts of offers that will suit your budget. However, it is necessary to make a reservation 3 months in advance to get the best accommodation.Santa Lucia di Moriani is a paradise that is divided between blue and green. This magnificent escape route provides a natural environment of high quality which are worthy of the most beautiful postcards.A holiday rental close to the beaches could be beneficial to you because it will be easier for you to go to the sea. Santa Lucia di Moriani hides several extraordinary pearls that promise you moments of pleasure by a white sandy beach with turquoise water. However, during the peak season, places are often crammed full with tourists. Therefore it is more considerate to leave early in the morning for parking and a decent place to sit.Also, indulge in the pleasures of outdoor sports or go all over the extensive hiking trails that lead to an impressive and rare ecosystem. No matter when you plan to leave for Santa Lucia di Moriani, but the city is always ready to welcome you warmly and offers you  all kinds of holiday rentals to guarantee you a made do measure stay.