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Ersa, the city is offering a beautiful image that makes you want to escape and which encourages you to take a vacation. The city is talked about with its magnificent sights of international renown. Ersa has always been one of the prominent destinations to guarantee you a made-to measure stay. Choose an accommodation in Ersa for your summer holiday in Corsica.

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Here are our accommodation offers in Ersa. My home in Corsica proposes apartments for rent in Bastia and also villa rentals in Bastia apartments for rent in Bastia and more generally speaking holiday rentals all around north Corsica.

Rent an accommodation in Ersa for a summer in Corsica

Arsia, Erza which later known as Ersa is a French commune of Upper Corsica. Located 128 kilometers from Ajaccio and 31 kilometers from Bastia, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Corsica. Indeed, 20,5 km² of wild nature, geological sculpture, beach of fine sand and especially historical monuments sheltered by the places are only to be discovered. So if you are thirsty for culture and adventure, embark on a journey into the heart of nature in this part of the island.If you choose to travel by boat, even before docking, in the extreme north of Corsica, a vestige of the antiquity located at the entrance of Ersa will draw on the horizon and will plunge you already in the history. Known as Tollare, this tower was used at the time to inform the residents of the imminent danger or barbaric intrusion in the village. Today, it has registered as a cultural heritage of the municipality with the picturesque village that surrounds it. St. Andrew's Church, Santa Maria Assunta Parish, the former convent of Santa Maria Natività and the various chapels.The holidays are simply unimaginable without the sun, the beach and a tanning party by the sea, whether with family, friends or lovers. Fortunately, the beach of Barcaggio is a high place of entertainment that opens to all the holidaymakers during their stay. On the premises, you can indulge in fun activities, organize a picnic, a photo shoot and more. What's more, this site offers a panoramic view of the island of Giraglia or the tower of Agnello. But even if the beach is at the rendezvous and the weather is conducive to tourism, holidays without accommodation to relax can become exhausting. Especially that the visit of the city will not be done in one day. Also, reserve a rental in the municipality of Ersa for a successful stay. Prestigious houses, apartments, villas or studios as well as cottages are waiting for you. They can accommodate a small as a large committee and whose rates adapt very well to your budget.