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Setting off on an adventure means exploring new horizons that you are not used to frequent. Tasting new experiences in Santa Maria Poggio is one of the most beautiful sensations you could feel on Earth! Let's discover together this magnificent colored city while opting for a holiday rental. Choose your accommodation in Santa Maria Poggio !

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Consult our accommodation offers in Santa Maria Poggio. My home in Corsica proposes you also some accommodation in Porto Vecchio but also in the north of Corsica .

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Santa Maria Poggio is a small town in Upper Corsica ideal for spending the summer holidays. It reflects a city full of color with picturesque characters that seduce at first glance. Let us set off on an adventure in order to discover this magnificent seaside resort welcoming thousands of visitors every year.The city covers up a resplendent marina, a meeting place of the inhabitants because it is the most lively place of the city. So that you can be of the party and in order to attend the various animations that take place there, we offer a holiday rental near this place.In this regard, Santa Maria Poggio is chock-full of several holiday rental offers to better accommodate the backpackers who wish to discover it. You will find several kinds of rental adapted to your budget. Simply make the reservation 3 months in advance, as the places are quickly saturated.There are many cultural places that you can visit in Santa Maria Poggio. Let yourself be drawn to your walk and stop at the Santa Maria di Moriani Pievane, a beautiful vestige of the past which shelters all the ancient history of the city. The Church of the Assumption is just as spectacular with its 17th century Baroque architecture.You will have so many things to admire in Santa Maria Poggio ... Your eyes will not know where to look, so the city has a lot to offer! Are you particularly fond of green tourism? You will be delighted to know that the village has magnificent forest tracks leading to incredible waterfalls such as Ucelluline, the famous bird of Corsica.Of course, the sea will be part of your best friends allowing you to have fun and to make the most of you holiday under a generous and soft sun. So, what are you waiting for to visit Santa Maria Poggio by preferring a holiday rental to guarantee you an exceptional and customized stay!