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Porto-Vecchio, hence its name \"the city of salt\", is a delightful seaside resort located in the southern part of Corsica which is prepared mainly for tourism and saline production. Thanks to the development of its economy, the city is now transformed into a prominent destination that arouses the interest of  the backpackers who are in search of new experiences. Choose an apartment rental in Porto Vecchio!

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Apartments to rent in Porto Vecchio for a holiday

Discover our apartment rentals in Porto Vecchio, Corsica. My home in offers also some apartment rentals in all Corsica, and especially in the south of Corsica.

Rent an apartment in Porto Vecchio for a holiday in Corsica

Porto-Vecchio is a city bustling with activities. You will never be bored, there are so much things that you can discover in this little haven of peace where nature and tranquility reign. Make the most of the sweetness of the weather by taking advantage of an apartment rental near the Palombaggia and Tamaricciu beaches, magnificent water spots blowing a light wind and waves with beautiful lagoon colors.

It is true that you go on a journey in order to savor delicious moments by the sea, however, you can also indulge yourself in the pleasures of  other entertaining activities such as hiking for example. This discipline, which is often practiced in Porto-Vecchio, is effective in de-stressing and calming your anxieties. There is no better way to enjoy a stay of both pleasure and well-being in a little corner of Corsican paradise!

Where would you better reconcile the pleasure and sporting attractions than in the city of Porto-Vecchio? The city is, in fact, a lively town that has exploited its offer to tourism. If the freefall left you insensitive before, try to realize your first dive in Porto-Vecchio and discover the island of beauty on its end ... You will be blowing away! You can also allow yourself the luxury of  the sumptuous restaurants that overflow the picturesque streets of the village.

Take advantage of the offers of apartment rental in Porto-Vecchio and set off on an adventure to make the most beautiful holiday memories that you do not risk to forget all your life!