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Find your apartment rental in Propriano for a holiday in Corsica

Somewhere to the south-west of La Rocca, there is Propriano, a Corsican town with important surprises that never stops amazing the visitors who are  in search of getaway and thrills. The solid mentality of the inhabitants also makes the fame of this small city with beautiful universal landscapes that often encourage tourists to explore Propriano to your heart’ s content. Choose an apartment rental in Propriano to discover Corsica.

Our apartment rentals in Propriano

Discover our apartment rentals in Propriano and its surroundings. My home in also proposes you some rentals in Bonifacio and in Ajaccio together with apartments for rent in Corsica and in the southern villages in particular.

Rent an apartment in Propriano for your summer in Corsica

Propriano is a gem of the Mediterranean that lends itself perfectly to the pleasure of the table. You can opt for an apartment rental right in the city center so as to make a small detour in the restaurants and pizzerias that animate the heart of the citadel. Discover the diversity of Corsican gastronomy ranging from seafood products to local products that are offered with much better price qualities.

For the next holiday with your family, let yourself be brought about into the welcoming atmosphere of Propriano by indulging in the pleasures of the sweetness of the sun on clean, shiny beaches that only await the sand castles and endless games of your little ones. To make it easier for you to move to the sea, you can also giving priority to the apartment rental in Propriano which is not far from the aquatic sites in order to get easy access to them. You will be dying to know a little more about this city with timeless splendor. The Iglesia of Notre Dame de la Miséricorde and the Avenida Napoleon III are excellent points to boost your intellect and soak up the history of Propriano. The journey towards Propriano can be done by plane or by boat. So as to benefit from the beautiful weather in the city, it is advisable to set course during the summer season, where the sun is at the rendezvous causing thus the opening of the tourist sites that make the reputation of Propriano. So, what are you waiting for to decide setting off on an adventure in this magnificent Corsican seaside resort while enjoying a pleasant stay and choosing the apartment rental?