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Find your villa rental in Calvi for a holiday

Located in front of the coast of the Côte d’Azur, Calvi is a magnificent peninsula in north-western Corsica where the climatic conditions remain favorable for delightful stays in the sun. Thanks to the ubiquity of heat throughout most of the year, the small city of 31.2 km2 of land enjoys a spectacular scenery with unique charms offering fabulous views. Find your villa rental in Calvi for a holiday!

Our villa rentals in Calvi

Discover our villa rentals in Calvi. My home in Corsica also propose apartments and town houses for rent in Calvi but also villas in all the other villages of south and north Corsica. Consult our offers and choose the one that suits you the best!

Rent a villa in Calvi for a holiday

Do you have some ongoing holiday projects? Set a course for Calvi and live your highlights in the Corsican city where it is always beautiful! Traveling to the "cità paradisu" means exploring unparalleled corners recounting the remarkable memories of the inhabitants and guardians of Corsican traditions. The city of Calvi is the very reflection of the beautiful days and the courtesy with a very welcoming and polite people. Do you want to escape to the sunniest city of Corsica? We advise you to opt for the villa rental, a simple and advantageous way to lodge quietly in the places. During your stay, let yourself be guided by your walk by visiting the emblematic figures of Calvi namely the citadel in the heart of the old town or the Chapel of Our Lady of the Serra. For an in-depth exploration of the city, trust Natura Corsa, a team of passionate professionals who will introduce you to an extraordinary flora and fauna in the deserts of Agriates.To plan your trip to a Corsican town, opting for a villa rental in Calvi will make you spend pleasant moments in the utmost privacy. The castle of Prince Pierre Bonaparte is a must to go back in time and discover the whole history of this famous Monarch. You can even enjoy the scenery by indulging in a hike on easy and natural routes. Calvi is among other cities an extremely varied and diverse city. Enjoy moments of grace under the sun by diving in emerald blue water or scuba diving with fish and walled.