Villa rental in Bastia

In the north of Corsica lies Bastia, the main commercial city of the island of beauty. It also shelters the largest port in the country and is now accessible by plane. This small city of 19.38 km2 remains a prominent tourist destination offering a possibility of accommodation which is the most convenient: a villa rental in Bastia.

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Our villas to let in Bastia for a holiday

Discover our villa rentals in Bastia. My home in Corsica offers you also villas to rent in north Corsica.

Rent a villa in Bastia for a trip to Corsica

Bastia is the preserving city of Corsican traditions and cultures. After crossing the entrance of the village, you immediately feel the interest and love that locals bring to their municipality: completely clean places, houses nicely stored in a methodical way, green areas and welcoming ... So much quality which makes of  Bastia, the most dynamic and preserved city of Corsica. If you are looking for cultural places to visit, do not hesitate to explore the Palace of Governors and the Museum of History where you will discover all the stories of this French municipality. Are you coming to revitalize yourself, away from the suffocating smoke and hassle of big cities? You've made the right choice to spend your holidays in Bastia. The latter is ready to welcome you in a luxuriant and healthy, ideal for relaxation and rest.Bastia is a city that never loses interest in the eyes of backpackers hungry for thrills. Once you are there, you can take advantage of the nature by going through the beautiful Romieu garden which leads straight to the beach. At the top of the list is that of Moriani, a site with exceptional charms with a sea of ​​a beautiful gradation of blue. During your trip in the town, choosing the villa rental in Bastia will be advantageous to you, because not only will you benefit from a private space only intended for you and your family, but you will also stay there in privacy and comfort.