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The charm of Porto-Vecchio is to die for thanks to its sandy beaches and its sea that goes from emerald to deep blue. Formerly, the municipality is famous for its large salt production that is why its name \"city of salt\". Despite the development of residences, the seaside resort has always maintained a harmonious and natural environment. Choose your holiday villa in Porto Vecchio!

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Discover our holiday villa offers in Porto Vecchio. My home in propose you also some villas for rent in the South of Corsica.

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Most of the inhabitants of Porto-Vecchio are very watchful guardians of the traditions who do not hold themselves back from telling you  their best memories in their city, which they cherish with love. Have you finished preparing your travel plans, and you just have to choose a lodging? Why don’t you opt ​​for a holiday house rental which is an excellent alternative to stay in comfort and in abundance during your stay?The holiday house rental in Porto-Vecchio is indeed a proposition of accommodation with which you will get a fully furnished home where you can live at your ease as if you were home. This is obviously the purpose of holiday house rental, giving you more freedom to what you are doing while being on holiday in a corner of paradise.You will never experience weariness during your trip to Porto-Vecchio. The city is unbelievably interesting at all levels. You can indulge in outdoor activities and make your first free fall while discovering high up the island of beauty... A show that has moved more than one practitioner!This gem of the Mediterranean is also lending itself to the pleasures of the table by advancing so many establishments in order to have something to eat properly and where it is pleasant to have a drink. A holiday house rental in Porto-Vecchio next to the beach is a suitable solution for an easy access to the sea and so as to enjoy the fun of swimming and the sweetness of the sun.