Holiday villa in Porticcio

Porticcio, the small French town located in the south of Corsica, is a wonderful escape which is perfect for summer holidays. Offering a calm and healthy environment, you can take your children there to help them discover life in the wilderness. Choose a holiday villa in Porticcio!

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Discover our holiday villa offers in Porticcio. My home in propose you also some villas for rent in the South of Corsica.

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Rent a holiday villa in Porticcio, south of Corsica

Porticcio is also a prominent destination for honeymooners looking for a romantic break for their wedding. Whether you come with your family, colleagues or your loved one, you can choose a holiday house rental  in order to guarantee you a private space at your disposal. Being part of the municipality of Grosseto-Prugna, the agglomeration of Porticcio enjoys a most favorable location in one of the magnificent gulfs of the world. Despite the weather and seasonal bad weather, the small town has preserved all its original beauty. It offers visitors the opportunity to savor both the joys of diving and mountain walks for a single day outing.

A holiday house rental near the beach will be advantageous, not only regarding the travel, but you will also get a beautiful view of the sea from your home. Porticcio has several aquatic paradises with lagoon-colored waters and exceptionally fine sandy squares. It can be said that it is the city of residence par excellence where you will feel good as soon as you stay in that place. To discover Porticcio in its best light, it is better to sail off into the sunset  in the month of May during the summer, or in July and August in order to allow your toddlers to play at any time on a supervised and sanitized beach. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the intoxicating fragrance of the maquis that carpeted the borders of the surroundings by indulging in walking in the middle of a wild and remarkable nature. One of the addresses not to be missed is Les Saveurs du Clos, where you are welcomed with a big smile and good humor! You will find all Corsican products ranging from cheese, charcuterie and wines with much better value for money.