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The dream of every lover of travel is surely to find a tourist destination which puts in the spotlight heavenly attractions so that you can feel in the middle of a magical little corner for the holidays. This is what promises Cap Corse, the French peninsular in the shape of a finger pointed towards the north in the Mediterranean Sea. Find your apartment rental in Cap Corsica!

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Discover our apartments for rent in Cap Corsica and its surroundings. My home in also proposes you some apartments for rent in north of Corsica and in the northern villages in particular such as Saint Florent or Macinaggio! Check our offers.

Rent an apartment in Cap Corsica for your holiday

the sea like no other Corsican town can do. Most of the aquatic sites that border the peninsula are wild, still undeveloped. In order to explore these latter more closely, prefer an apartment rental close to the coast to enjoy a beautiful view of the turquoise ocean of the peninsula.The apartment rental in Cape Corse is ideal to the extent that you want to stay with confidence in a furnished apartment which contains everything necessary you may need during your vacation. The peninsula, among other things, covers up several villages each one as spectacular as the others. Brando is an example of the cities that adorn brilliantly Cap Corse with its houses of faded color and its picturesque fishing port.You should make sure to get a winning act by giving priority to the apartment rental in Cap Corse for your next vacation in the peninsula. The towns of Sisco and Rogliano are excellent places to crash so as to benefit from wonderful moments in the middle of nature but also so as to make good memories on glittering beaches. You can also leave for Macinaggio, which is located mainly by the sea, and which shelters an important marina where the animation will always be at the rendezvous. Finally, complete your trip by visiting Toliare, a very modest village where calm and tranquility are prevailing close to the beach with a light and and crystal clear sea that whispers overnight.