Apartment rental in Bastia

For the next holidays, opt for a trip bound for Bastia, a magnificent peninsula located in the north-east of Corsica. You will find everything there ! The wind is blowing gently on the shores, the picturesque landscapes where it is good to live, the tourist places where you never get bored ... Choose an apartment rental in Bastia!

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Apartments for rent in Bastia for a holiday

Discover our apartment rental offers in Bastia. My home in Corsica proposes you also some really nice villas for rent in Ile Bastia as well as town houses and apartments for rent in all the Corsican villages and in the North Corsican villages in particular. Check our offers now!

Rent an apartment in Bastia for a trip to Corsica

All this added to the warm temper of the inhabitants is the icing on the cake! Being the most developed port city of Corsica, Bastia is one of the most sought after cities in terms of tourism. Indeed, it receives more than a thousand visitors every year and is famous internationally thanks to the fact that is possess an environment with a high quality. Do you have some holiday plans in sights? We offer you apartment rental in Bastia, a reliable option for lodging quietly in the citadel.

You wonder how Bastia managed to keep its landscapes intact. Already spoiled by nature, the latter has brought some renovations so that visitors enjoy and feel in the heart of a small corner of paradise. Today, the city is home to several premises designed to welcome all your family in a friendly and green. On this subject, apartment rental is an alternative of choice offering various advantages such as spacious and luxurious rooms, free wi-fi connection, room service, etc.

A popular destination all over the world, Bastia is full of exceptional seabed with a large expanse of sand with an unusual finesse ideal for small outings by the beach. Real postcard images, explore the remarkable Bastille mountains that promise a fantastic hike amidst a fragrant and unspoilt nature. Opting for an apartment rental near the city center will give you easy access to the must-see sites located in the citadel, including the History Museum, in order to discover all the life experiences of Bastia.