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Somewhere in the north-east of Corsica is Bastia, the small French municipality with an area of ​​19.38 km2. The village is often a stopover for travelers arriving by boat or plane. Each year, the resort welcomes more than a thousand visitors from all over the world. Like all Corsican cities, Bastia is one of the tourist destinations of choice, but the little extra that it emits is that no other city unveils a unique and unparalleled atmosphere. Choose your luxury villa rental in Bastia!

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Prestigious villa to rent in Bastia Corsica

Discover our luxurious and prestigious high end villas for rent in Bastia. My home in has also selected high end villas for rent in north Corsica.

Spend your holiday in Corsica in a luxury villa rental located in Bastia

Known as the main commercial harbor town of the island, Bastia has always had its eyes riveted towards the sea. Most of the time, its climate is capricious, it is more judicious to learn about the weather to know at what moment you should leave for the city. Summer in May is the ideal time to visit the city and enjoy the sun. As for your accommodation, the best solution is to opt for a luxury villa rental to guarantee you a private and personal space to match your requirements. During a getaway to Bastia, expect to be breathtaking by discovering the emblematic sites of the landmarks namely Terra Vecchia and Terra Nova. The former shelters the famous Old Port, with its picturesque character, where the animation always beats full day and night, while the second offers a panoramic view of the citadel.

To take the course for Bastia allows to escape in idyllic places and paradisiacs. Quiet and fairy-tale corners, such as the beaches of Arinella and Marana, which are magnificent sandy squares with crystal clear waters, are not to be missed. You can enjoy a luxury villa rental Bastia near these tourist sites to indulge in various activities such as diving, kitesurfs, sailing, sea kayaking and so much more. For a small cultural bracket, a passage on the Place Saint-Nicolas is really worth the detour to make a good souvenir of holidays. In addition to being in a verdant and well-maintained place, enjoy the restaurant in the establishments near the place and come to discover a splendid musical kiosk fashioned at the end of the XIXe century.