The Strait of Bonifacio

In Corsica

For those who do not know, the Strait of Bonifacio form the famous international narrow that separates Sardinia from Corsica. The latter allow a certain connection between the Sardinian Sea to the west and that of Tyrrhenia to the east. They have a width of 15 to 25 km and a depth in the vicinity of 100 to 200 m.

The Strait of Bonifacio is renowned for its most agitated and dangerous sea. The navigators evoke especially the presence of several rocks where the currents are capricious and strong. On this famous place lies a rather tragic story, that of 750 warriors who perish in a maritime accident because of the brutality of the sea.

Today, in spite of this fatality, the boats seem to be attracted by the Strait of Bonifacio and allow themselves to be embarked by its currents. "It is not a quick itinerary," they apologize, nevertheless many boats have been washed up on this part of the Mediterranean, including the merchant vessel of 1993, which greatly polluted the environs of the Strait of Bonifacio.

The passage through this strait is now protected. The vessels passing through these vessels must no longer transport polluting products. The Greenpeace strongly demanded that all ships be pleased to this regulation to better respect the nature of the Strait of Bonifacio.

Although the Strait is an inaccessible place for swimming and other water sports, it offers, however, a most extraordinary nature which deserves that you linger over it ! It is indeed possible to walk along green paths and visit hills where it is nice to get a breathe of fresh air.

A hike party on the cliffs of the Strait of Bonifacio will certainly please those who are passionate about walk and discover another splendid side of Corsica.