The city of Ajaccio

In Corsica

Ajaccio is one of the main cities of Corsica. Established in the south-west of the region, it has about 65,099 inhabitants (number collected in 2007). The inhabitants of the village are called Ajacciens or "Aiaccini" in Corsican.

A bit of history: Several hypotheses have been revealed as to the etymology of the name of Ajaccio. Among them, the most famous one says that the city was built by the illustrious Greek hero Ajax who would have offered his name. Other legends, however, are much more concrete. In this regard, the name Ajaccio could be given to Tuscan agghiacciu or "sheep pen". Another explanation, spread by the Byzantine foundations of the year 600, shares the fact that the city was once called the villa Agiation of Greek origin agathé that would have the meaning of "good fortune" or "good anchorage".

What to do in Ajaccio? As for a cultural visit, the Palais Fesch is the ideal place to discover all the history of the city. Built in the 1827s, this Museum of Fine Arts shelters prestigious Italian collections that are preserved in France. Find, on this tourist place of the most popular of the village, several masterpieces of Botticelli, Giovanni Bellini, Cosimo Tura and Titie.

Hikers at heart can benefit from a delightful walk to Pointe de la Parata. This famous promontory of black granite, which closes to the north of the golf of Ajaccio, excels in several points. On one hand , it is surmounted by the tower of Parata and on the other hand, it was consolidated in an intense way by the Genoese. This was in order to better protect the island from the Barbarian incursions. In this magical place, you will have the chance to get a magnificent view of the bloody islands.

For a stay of discovery, the Anse de Minaccia is a must-see point not to be missed in Ajaccio. With a well-marked path, you will cross a ridge that reveals a panoramic view of the islands and the coast on its two slopes. If you go further, you will have the chance to find one of the most beautiful wild beaches of the village in the name of Petit Capo.

Finally, let's finish the visit of the city of Ajaccio! In order to offer you wonderful moments of change of scene, the beach of Grand Capo will bring you in a world unparalleled where all the pleasures of the vacationers will be realized! With its extraordinarily fine white sand, your children will be able to build castles and remember beautiful memories. Its sea, with a water of emerald color and a stormy temperament, will be a great joy to make discover the true sensations of real holidays!