The City of Bastia

Holiday in Corsica

Being the centre of the Upper Corsica department, Bastia is located on the north-east coast of France. The city is exceptionally endowed with a situation favorable to it in several points: gentle slopes, forests in abundance, a sun all year round, and so on and so forth.

Built in an amphitheater, Bastia has a vegetation rich in olive trees, orange and lemon trees. Its environment is strongly dominated by hills that offer a view extending over the islands of Tuscany, Capraia, Elba, Gorgone and Monte Cristo.

Following the sea leading to the Cap Corse, you will be able to admire magnificent buildings and structures perched on the hills providing the most beautiful aspect in Bastia. The city is divided into 3 distinct parts: Terra-Vecchia, Terra-Nova and the old town.

Thanks to its excellent location, which prevents eastern, northeast and southeast winds from entering the center of the village intensively, it is protected from seasonal influences. Bastia has fashioned its fishing port at the tip of the citadel. The latter has a depth of about 250 m and a width of 100 to 140 m.

By entering the neighborhood, you will see small narrow streets that make Bastia charming! Most of them are steep and winding, but they are pleasantly paved with stones or marble jasper ... You will have the impression of being in Milan or Florence!

Located at the foot of Cap Corse, Bastia meticulously preserves its baroque riches. By lazing around the small medieval paths lined by sumptuous buildings with armored look, you will discover, by diverting an haughty bell tower, the markets of the city that display products with attractive scents.

Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the citadel of Bastia, which gives direct access to the calm waters of the Vieux Port. From there, you will hear cries of fishermen satisfied with their catch and you will hear the very loud sounds of the flocks of bells ... A spectacle not to be missed during a trip to Bastia!

By indulging in the pleasures of the exploration of the neighborhoods of Bastia such as Furiani, San Marino di Lola or Pietrabugno, you can go further along the paths adorned with maquis that will bring you to mossy fountains and rural oratories .

Allow yourself the luxury of resting in the sun in the middle of an exceptional setting on the most beautiful beaches of the world. There are so many good things to see in Bastia. The oratories of the Holy Cross offer you such a chance so as to discover the history of the city, as well as the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, a prestigious place that harbors the village's lively experiences.