Southern Corsica and Northern Corsica

Holiday in Corsica

Southern Corsica

Southern Corsica shelters various natural and cultural heritages which will not stop surprising you. And there will be for all tastes. There are also sumptuous beaches, notably around Rondinara, for example, many hiking possibilities ( One thinks automatically about the Alta Rocca), sea trips (to the Lavezzi Islands for example), picturesque neighborhoods perched high on the mountain : Southern Corsica only wants to guarantee you an unforgettable holiday. Only inconvenience: in summer, the city is cram-full with tourists!

Where to stay in Southern Corsica? If you explore Southern Corsica for the first time, the city will amaze you with its beautiful landscapes, life-size postcard images. Everything is there ... You will want for nothing, the charming white cliffs, nor the marina, nor the splendid coves, nor the sea of ​​an excellent gradation of blue.

This magnificent treasure of the Mediterranean is undoubtedly one of the most favourite destinations of the planet. Just find out to understand why. Southern Corsica has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and winters of incomparable softness. It is not unusual to see the snow-capped mountains so that you can benefit from skiing.

Northern Corsica

Great beauty of the peaks, intoxicating scents of the maquis, beaches and protected areas, still no ideas? These are the essential potentials of the Northern Corsica a city that stretches from Calvi to Bastia. From Calvi to Balagne, you can go and see where the wind takes you and let yourself be overwhelmed with emotions by discovering the picturesque villages located on the hillside. You will remember for a long time Pigna and its old houses made of large block of stone. Lumio will make you escape in a typical world with its pink granite constructions.

Saint Antoine, one of the most beautiful villages in Northern Corsica, will show you just how spectacular the resort is. Speloncato, perched at a rocky spur just above the beach will give you the most beautiful views!

In order to guarantee you more experiences, follow the path leading to the desert of Agriates. In these magical places, you will contemplate an environment exceptionally one of a kind with its vegetation consisting of arbutus, heather and myrtle.

The romantic ones can laze around the colorful quays of Saint Florent and if  you feel like doing it , you can savor a good ice in the shade of its old town. Afterwards, follow the trail to Bastia, where you will discover the citadel specially marked by the Genoese heritage.