Le GR 20

Going out in Corsica

The GR 20 is the famous walking path that serves Corsica. The hikes, which are the essential activities of the site, are made from Calenzana in the North to Conca in the South. Through its 200 km of mountain paths, the GR 20 offers you the chance to have fun while playing right in the center of nature.

The GR 20 is proclaimed as one of the most challenging hiking trails in Europe, but also the most beautiful one. The duration of the course is 16 days for a regular visitor at a rate of a day.

To the north of the GR 20, you will be confronted with highly technical and steep trails. Further to the south, the tracks are less hilly with less undulating terrain. Do you want to get to the bottom of the adventure? It is essential to plan your GR 20, thoroughly study the steps, plan accommodation and equip yourself appropriately.

Above all, it should not be forgotten that hiking is done in high mountain, it is necessary to have a good physical condition. Also, do not hesitate to provide yourself with several topoguides that will show you the best paths to take.

What are the phases of GR 20? As the hike takes place one step a day, you will walk for 16 days to discover the beauty and pleasure that the GR 20 provides you. The paths between Conca and Calenzana will mainly reveal the splendor of the Corsican mountains in several ways: rocky, arid, green and rolling.

The northern GR 20 offers a more challenging course with its gaunt and technical side while the GR 20 from the south engages in a softer circuit with its verdant and fairly rolling trails.

It is, among other things, complicated to evaluate the best season for the GR 20. Since it is a high mountain trail, you may be confronted with the rigor of a day of hiking in full sun , showers, mist or the freshness of spring waterfalls.

Even if the route seems rather dangerous, the price to pay is far less important while you are looking at the beautiful sunset, the sea and the breathtaking landscapes. Everything will seem perfect once you have tasted the pleasure of walking, no matter how difficult the circuit ... A real vacation that you will never forget!