Windsurf and Kitesurf in Corsica

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With its beautiful coastline bordered by a timeless and beautiful sea with, who has never dreamed about taking advantage of the fun of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Corsica? These are indeed unmissable activities that young and old alike will be able to realize on the Island of Beauty. Today, the facilities are renovated so that everyone can practice the disciplines safely. Let's see each sport more closely!

The Windsurf

Windsurfing or windsurfing board is a magnificent invention that dates back to the 1970s. Created on the basis of surfing, the equipment was originally intended solely for sliding over the sea. In 1970, it was awarded a new form: the boat was equipped with a mast, a rigging and a boom (the tool that keeps the sail).

Windsurfing is practiced in less stormy waves on a wooden board, in slalom (plastic) or on carbon masts. It is a sport that is made for everyone. Toddlers can generally start from 6 to 8 years with a material more accommodated to their size, especially on the sail side: 1.2 m2.

The Windsurf does not require any sporting potential, everyone can do it! However, it is necessary to know that windsurfing requires a little more investment. A basic equipment varies between 1000 and 2000 euros. Nevertheless, it is possible to find equipment at attractive prices in second-hand markets.

Where can you practice Windsurf to Corsica? Anywhere in Corsica! However, there are more suitable spots for this kind of sports such as Algajola, Balistra, Figari, Ghisonaccia, Figari, Ghjunchiddu, Macinaggio, Piantarella, Saint Florent and Santa Manza.

The Kitesurf

Kitesurfing or air towed board is a kind of gliding sport that helps sail on a plank on the surface of the sea while being pulled with a kite. The invention of the board began in the 1970s when several inventors filed a patent application for the addition of aerial traction sails.

When practicing the sport on water, the surfer will be transported either with a canoe, a speedboat, a kayak or a catamaran. It is carried out on sites with a large space so that the practice is safe. Kitesurfing can be dangerous if practiced on a busy area. Its coexistence with other bathing activities is forbidden.

The right material for the best practice of Kitesurfing is the wings, lines, bar, harness and board. We advise all prospective practitioners to learn through a school about safety rules that are essential to prevent accidents.

Where can you have better fun by practcing kitesurfing in Corsica? If you are looking for an ideal place for waveriding or freeride, we suggest you to go through Balistra, Ghisonaccia, Piantarella, Saint Florent or Santa Manza.