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Find a beach house rental in Cap Corsica

Everyone knows the reputation of Cap Corsica, once you penetrate its territory, you do not want to leave! Each time, this peninsula located in the north-east of Corsica really blows away all those who venture into its paradisiacal sites. Find a beach house rental in Cap Corsica!

Our beach house rentals in Cap Corsica

Discover our beach houses for rent in Cap Corsica. My home in Corsica has also selected some villas for rent in Cap Corsica but also some luxurious holiday accommodation available in Cap Corsica. Check our offers and choose your! More generally speaking, check our holiday villas for rent in Corsica.

Rent a beach house in Cap Corsica

However, its charm does not come only from its well-designed landscapes, the simplicity and good faith of the inhabitants also make Cap Corsica a destination of choice of the most appreciated. This 400 km2 peninsula has so much to offer to the backpackers in search of escape and experience. With a Mediterranean climate, it is better to leave during the Capcorsin summer season in May in order to fully enjoy the sun and the exciting activities that take place there. We advise you among other things the beach house rental in Cap Corsica to ensure you a suitable accommodation during your stay in the peninsula. In addition to enjoying an intimate atmosphere, you will have at your disposal a personal space where no one will disturb you. As cultural paradises, the city takes you to visit the Chapel of Notre-Dame or the citadel of Calvi which are tourist places rich in history.Cap Corsica has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Corsica region. From the name of Nonza Beach, come and bathe yourself in a sea with the turquoise waves ideal for kitesurfing, diving and so many other aquatic recreation. A holiday house rental near the Old Port will also change the deal, as you will be overwhelmed by so much animation day and night. Do you want to revitalize yourself and escape the hectic routine of urban life? A small hike to the Parc Galéa will reawaken your taste for life in the middle of a nature that satisfy all the holiday makers.